So, you’ve got a puppy NOW WHAT?
You need to go to!

I get tons of questions from new puppy buyers, some are my personal customers while others are folks that bought their puppy from another breeder and that breeder offered no help.
I would like to introduce you to the most comprehensive resource on puppy raising from my friend Angela Thompson Roberts. I personally love her book, feel free to check out her website which is loaded with great information.
Here is what Angela has to say:
“Raising Dogs With Common Sense” will soon be available via E-book! Meanwhile, please refer to my website , an extension of my book with many illustrations and “key points” to help owners of all dog breeds. If you’ve welcomed a Christmas puppy into your home or you’re looking to adopt soon, please consider my book! My goal is to supply you with the tools needed to raise a healthy, low-maintenance dog while saving time and money! I will post a link as soon as my publisher has finalized the “details” of setting things up for online purchase. Thanks for your patience, and THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!