It tickles me when dog breeders only show that one or 2 photos of their dog that make them look larger than life, and then when folks see the dog in person the dog doesnt look anything close to the dog in the photos. “Money Shots” they call them. Some even go to the extreme of using photo editing software to change the dog entirely from what it is. I find this very misleading, to the point of being FALSE ADVERTISEMENT.
While I try to capture a good shot of my dogs and puppies, I also try to get as many shots of the dog/puppy that I can from all sides and angles. Even weird poses. I want people to see the dog in its entirety. Here’s DSKs Cabo, in all his weirdness. The unedited version LOL
Check out his crazy muscle mass and rib spread.
Cabo is a little outside of the box, even for me. He has more bone mass and body frame capability than any dog I have owned at his height, even at this young age. And he is still filling out. He will not be a complete dog for another year and a half, but man what a brute. Cabo has puppies on the way here at DSK Bulldogs, but will be heading to some fine folks in Bermuda shortly.
Again, DSKs Cabo ~ In all his weirdness. He’s just one big teddy bear of a monster LOL