Housetraining your puppy can be a time-demanding and even frustrating event. Here’s my friend Angela Roberts sharing some advice…

Sneak-Peek into Chapter 12, “Housetraining”

By Angela T. Roberts, Author of Raising Dogs With Common Sense


Chapter 12 of my book contains greater detail on points below, suggestions for apartment dwellers, and my quick/easy Clean-Up methods for all floor types. The entire household must commit to training. Scolding your dog will only delay training and can affect temperament. Past accidents in the home will draw Odis to “mark” his territory. Be patient; pups reach bladder control around age 4 months.

Abbreviations: Odis = Your Dog

Items Needed:
•Largest Crate Possible: Please see Crate Set-Up videos on my website.

•Newspaper for crate accidents.

•Baby Wipes for spot-washing Odis’ feet/coat as needed.

•Thick Towels are great for puppy bedding until completely housetrained.

#1: Odis should be in his crate or in your secured fenced yard while unsupervised.

#2: Inside “free time” should include leashing Odis to keep him close, avoiding accidents. Leashing also promotes bonding and basic training (Chapter 11).

#3: Use one-word commands such as “out” and “potty” to keep things simple. Say “out” anytime Odis goes outside. Signs of urgency: Odis may sniff the floor, whine, pace near or stand at the door. Other than “potty,” do not distract Odis until he has finished his business.

#5: Move inside accidents to a designated potty area and take Odis there every time. He will recognize his own scent and will normally “mark” that spot.

#6: Take Odis out during and after play time, after meals/water intake, and immediately after you discover an accident. Offer hourly potty breaks when possible.

I welcome your feedback! If you have unanswered questions that are not answered in my book, my contact information is on my website.