Was such a blessing visiting with the Mims family today, and their two DSK beasts: DSKs Mr. Freeze (2 times Chumlee, 16 months old ~ the white male) and DSKs Barkley (old school DragonSlayer blood ~ the fawn male)
Barkley comes down from Primo and Salem, and is 11 years old! He is VERY protective of his family, and such a personality. In his prime, this boy weighed a whopping 120 pounds and everyone that saw him was afraid LOL
I “WOULD NOT” want to be a robber or threat to this family with Barkley in the house! He loves and is VERY loyal to his place LOL (although he enjoyed us petting him!)

Enter Mr. Freeze: A friendly, fun-loving goofball who doesnt know a stranger. “Freeze” cant get enough petting, and is as friendly and outgoing as the day is long.
Thanks to the Mims family for having us over, it was a real treat to see these guys in person, and visit as well! Thanks for being long-time DSK fans!