Well, I never thought that I would be doing this on a Saturday, but here we are. Life sure has a way of throwing you curves. Why do the good die young? She was only 44 years old and full of laughter and humor and life. My dear friend Lucy Mar has passed away from cervical cancer. Let me tell you just a little bit about this lady named Lucy. Several years ago, Lucy bought a bulldog puppy from us named Icey. When she bought the puppy, we got to know her and her family quite well. What a personality she was! Lucy was one of the most giving people that I ever met. As a Puerto Rican lady, it is in her blood to help others, and to disregard herself. I know how this is, because I am married to one. When I married my wife, not only did I fall in love with her but also her culture, and their ways. I have come to admire the Puerto Rican people and how they live, how they are so family oriented. As time went on, Lucy became more than just a customer. She became friend, and even family. We would talk about life, kids, dogs, and the island and culture she loved: Puerto Rico. Lucy was like a sister to me, always positive, always had my back, and always loyal. Lucy was a single momma, raising 2 kids of her own, as well as a young boy that she brought in just because he needed a stable home life. Always the giver, she found a way to help. For those of you that know her, she had a grace and way like none other. Lucy made such a positive impression on the bulldog community and even more of an impression on me as a friend. Now that she is gone, her daughter is simply trying to raise money to give her momma a decent funeral and burial. Please help, I am donating this puppy to Lucy and her family, if you buy this puppy 100% of the money will go to Lucy and her family. Lucy never had much money, she spent it all on others. Even if you don’t buy this puppy, you can go to the GoFundMe account that her daughter has started to support their family. See it on my thread

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RIP dear Lucy, you suffer no more, and I have no doubt that today you dance with angels my friend.
God Bless