Okay this may seem like a rant. But it’s not, it’s actually just a snapshot of my life. I take my bulldog business VERY serious. It’s not a hobby or a weekend time-spender. It’s a passion that I make great sacrifice for. It’s worth it, and I would’nt have it any other way.

People (not just “people”, but families) contact me from all over the world sharing their dream of the perfect bulldog. They share their lives, and wish to open their homes up to a DSK Bulldog. They recognize the quality, and won’t settle for anything less. Something inside of me can’t let them down. I HAVE to see their dreams come true.

I’m not your “average breeder” that wants to make a quick buck and then move on. I relish the relationships that are formed, and the interesting people and even friends that I make along the way in the dogs. And I MUST provide them with a stunning bulldog as well.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet DSKs Punky, and the Damon Lines family…

Damon contacted me several months ago sharing what he wanted in a bulldog. We talked. And we talked some more.

Finally Punky arrived, and Damon and his family made their choice on Punky.

Today I had the priveledge of meeting Damon and his two sons Ryder and Scout in person at the airport as they picked up Punky. That’s one of the perks that I really enjoy in the bulldogs: Meeting quality people and families. And every time I meet up with folks I get to look them in the eye and tell them that I am committed to them and their bully for the life of their dog. And I can’t wait to see the updates. Man, what a wonderful life. Thank you to the Lines family for choosing DSK Bulldogs over everyone else for your new bully!