Bulldog Puppy Training Videos

Here’s a collection of videos that have proved to be helpful not only to my family, but our extended DSK Bulldog Family of owners. If you have found any other videos that you would like to share, please email us the link to: dskbulldogs@gmail.com

Bulldog Puppy Crate Setup Video

Bedding: I use a plastic base for pup’s bed. I double-case a small pillow & wrap it with a towel for the actual bedding. This is “cheap” and towels are easy to switch out and wash as needed. Puppies and adult dogs seem to prefer “climbing up” into bed. They enjoy “nesting” – sometimes they play-dig at the bedding to carve out just the right spot for sleeping.

Bulldog Puppy Chew Bone & Safe Toy Video

We actually prefer and advise our adoptive families to use DEER ANTLERS for dog chews. If you prefer using bones please be careful in your selection, dogs of any age can choke on the wrong product.

Bulldog Grumpy Puppy Video

Pup wants attention, but she is still JUST FINE in her crate at this point. Notice how she “gives up” quickly and goes to her water bowl.

Stressed Out Bulldog Puppy Video

Pup in this case needs freedom from her crate. If you do not calm your stressed puppy, it is very likely that your puppy will become physically sick from being miserable in her crate.

Happy Crated Bulldog Puppy Video

This allow you to see an example of how your happy crated puppy should behave.