Lots of patience and even more coffee! HA! As exciting as it is for your family to bring this little bundle of joy home and as cute and outgoing as your puppy is, remember – it is stressful on the little guy to be ripped from their home, mother and siblings. Then thrown into an environment where everything is so different. That is why I prepare special care packages for his first week.

You can let the puppy sleep with you. Allowing a puppy to sleep with you or your kids is completely up to you, but the first few nights of your new puppy howling and yipping for long periods of time is not my idea of a great night. So those first few nights, let the little guy sleep with you. Your family will thank you in the end. This makes for EXCELLENT BONDING TIME and gives your puppy complete security in her new environment.

I suggest that you use a waterproof mattress cover (very cheap). Then top that with a cloth mattress cover or thin blanket so you’re not too warm against the waterproof material and dress the bed, as usual. Put a towel under puppy to catch any shedding during the night. If pup wakes during the night, take her out for a potty break and curl right back up in the bed with her. Lights OUT – no night light needed if he’s safe with you.

Otherwise, you are in for a long night of puppy howling and I can almost assure you that puppy will suffer from nausea, vomiting and diarrhea from getting too upset in her crate overnight. You will have plenty of time to crate-train your FUR BABY for night sleeping after they have adjusted to life in your home. Give puppy a chance to feel secure in their new home and become familiar with all sights and sounds before you close that crate door for the night.

When you DO begin overnight crate training, do so gradually to reduce puppy’s stress levels.

SIDE NOTE: Google “Crate Training Your Puppy” on how to avoid those little land mines both now and for the rest of his life.